More than Just clients...

Just Drama Based Training works with clients of all shapes and sizes. From global leaders in the energy sector, through to the NHS, we deliver the same attention to detail, immersing ourselves in the organisation's culture and providing a customised training solution.
Centrica Energy
Getting the Right Fit

Since 2010 Just has created training solutions to fit the needs of 3 of CEs businesses;

Exploration & Production
• On and Offshore site based behavioural safety workshops & inductions
• Annual Safety Conference theatrical re-enactments of near miss incidents “Could this happen here?”

Trading & Optimisation
• Tradesafe Annual Conferences delivering dramatic and interactive vehicles to explore the consequences of risk-taking and decision making in the light of new regulations in the industry.

Power Generation
• Generation Safe – a site specific high impact culture changing event attended over 12 months by more than 400 cross business sector participants. Devised and developed in partnership with CE consultant I O Thompson and Red Lodge Events.
• 2013 “Don’t Walk By Labs” safety conversation skills workshops delivered exclusively by Just become a core element of CE’s mandatory Ignite induction programme.

Creating an Open & Honest Workplace
""Collaborating with Juice DBT to create the bullying and harassment Intervention training for CDDFT was a refreshing experience. They were professional in their approach and exceeded my expectations when it came to both the writing of the material and the delivery of the training sessions.""
Jillian Wilkins, County Durham & Darlington Foundation Trust

Durham & Darlington Foundation Trust: “Challenging and Changing Unacceptable Behaviour in the Workplace’’

• Employee Roll-Out
Following a consultation phase with employees of The Trust, Just developed and delivered bespoke scenarios and practise situations, for ‘open to all ‘ half day training events and full day ‘department-specific’ sessions. 172 staff participated in the experiential workshops. Attendance for open workshops was self-elective – extra sessions were scheduled due to higher than anticipated demand.

• Ongoing Support
Train the Trainer Programme Just developed a training resource – comprising facilitator guide and an interactive filmed resource – for the CDDFT training department. In-house trainers experienced “Train the Trainer” workshops led by Just which offered support and necessary skills to deliver ongoing two hour awareness sessions for employees.

Intelligent Safety

In 2013 Just were able to respond to TAQA’s challenge by delivering their company wide change programme “Intelligent Safety-Looking Out for each Other” to over 2,500 employees.

It looked like this:

Stop/Start – A large scale highly interactive event with 100 participants per session highlighting the key themes of intelligent safety behaviour:
• Stop-Think-Act
• Conscious Overload
• Behaviour breeds Behaviour

Conversation Stations – Putting the principles of intelligent safety into practice
Just DBT mobilized teams of 10 actor/facilitators per half day session thus enabling participants to receive invaluable practise in safety dialogue by having ‘live’ safety conversation with one of our actors in role.
The practise conversations took place in the purpose built ‘conversation stations’, spaces that created the ‘feel’ of the real environment where safety dialogues may takes place.

The Art of Effective safety Conversations – An interactive training DVD with three short films based on and offshore depicting the ‘how to’ of safety dialogue.
Just provide 6 experienced actors to film the scenarios in collaboration with Scorch London Production Company.


The ChaosGame
Thinking Aloud
""Now that the Lean waves are all over, I want to take a minute to thank you for all the work you and the Juice team have done for us in the area of Change Management and Clear Messages during these two difficult years. Your combined expertise has brought enormous added value to what we’ve offered our managers and employees, and your flexibility and continuous effort for improving the content and approach have been highly appreciated. I am really looking forward to continuing to work with you on our Communication and other programmes!""
Ann ARTOIS, Swift Inc.

Just DBT are pleased that we continue to play an important role (no pun intended) in the practice 5 years on, assisting Kate in creating the drama based experiential elements of her learning programmes for leaders, teams and organisations.

Learning and development programmes we have assisted on for clients such as the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications – SWIFT Inc., include

  • Building a Robust Feedback Culture
  • Managing Change
  • Clear Messages

Our specific input has been in creating practise situations for learners to enhance the efficacy of Kate’s learning capsules:

  • Appreciative Enquiry , Advocacy and Enquiry, Active Listening
  • Managing yourself in Difficult Conversations
  • Mental Models

As well as providing the expertise for her Presentation Skills Programme “Let’s Talk!”

Huntsman Tioxide
Putting People First

Huntsman Tioxide’s 2013 Chemical Industry Association’s Award Winning ENGAGE behavioural safety programme.

Just DBT began developing the ENGAGE programme in partnership with the safety team at Greatham Works in 2012

We continue to maintain the momentum and support the ongoing development of ENGAGE with regular drama based skills workshops for operatives and senior leaders.


Keeping the conversation going
""We can justifiably feel proud of this award which was made possible by the dedication and focused efforts of the entire project team that has successfully established a vigorous behavior-based Safe work culture at SMOE (Singapore), Kvaerner (Verdal), Semco (Esbjerg), Aibel (Forus) and BGR (Buøy)."
Gaurang Haldipur, Ekofisk 2/4L Accommodation and Utility Center Project

In 2004 Alice & Jacqui were working as independent facilitators supporting the delivery of Conocophillip’s innovative Personal Safety Involvement initiative developed by the workforce in 2003.

In 2010 Just became ConocoPhillip’s UK and Capital Projects preferred vendor for PSI drama based safety training provision,
At Just we are proud of our capability to respond and deliver excellence when faced with the challenges of a long-term partnership with one of the largest Oil&Gas Multinationals

Since 2010 our multi-lingual teams have provided conference facilitation, award ceremonies, emergency response & shutdown training as well as ongoing PSI workshops to over 3,000 participants, in 6 languages and across three continents.

In 2013 the EKOFISK 2/4L project in Singapore won the ConocoPhillips prestigious SPIRIT Award for it’s outstanding safety record.

Tollcross Housing Association
Managing Change

Tollcross found themselves responsible for twice as many employees and three times the number of properties on their portfolio in a relatively short time. Their concern was to boost moral, encourage a ‘One Team’ approach and ensure employee safety in the field.

The Just DBT team worked in collaboration with CEO Clive …to realise their objective creating two half day training sessions with twenty staff participating in each of the two sessions. The training sessions used the Juice auction of behaviours and stop/start method to provide an engaging, lively and challenging experience whereby employees were able to speak honestly about their first steps towards a ‘culture of care’.

Taking Good Practice Forward
" ‘’It is difficult to find words to describe the appreciation that were fed back to us from different managers…Your boys especially Richard did an excellent job. Richard fills in with so many wise words and examples during the course. He is a star.
Thanks again, in fact a million thanks!’’
Teddy Broadhurst

• Role-Model Training
• PSI Champions
• PSI Booster sessions
• PSI Training Camps
• PSI in Design Phase

Batam and Singapore: Training Camps and half day Booster sessions with over 200 employees of Det Norske’s Ivar Aasen Project. PSI Champions have nominated themselves and take responsibility for keeping momentum for the duration of the project by using some drama based training techniques out on site

‘’Today we had a short briefing for our painting and blasting team. They have understand what is PSI and also did some act and the way to approach, talk, understand, solve problem with soft talk’’.

Sardinia: Safety workshops are being delivered in Italian and English by the Italian based Just team.

Woking: Workshops also delivered in the UK to contractors Mustang

Helping Young People find a Voice

Just have developed a 2 day residential, OCN accredited training programme which equips young people with the skills necessary to play an effective part in Recruitment and Selection processes. The course uses interactive drama, stop/start scenarios, confidence building exercises and practise situations to take participants through the R&S process, from:

• Designing Job Descriptions
• Person Specifications
• Shortlisting Procedure
• Interviewing Candidates
• Assessment
• Employment Law
• Selection
• Delivering the news to successful and unsuccessful candidates

Just has also designed shorter similar programmes on Mystery Shopping & Young People’s Rights.

Changes is a ground breaking initiative designed by Just which brings together young people and figures of authority in the same training event.

Representatives of Northumbria Police Force, Newcastle City Council and Local Health Professionals jointly experience drama based training which challenges barriers based on misconception, assumptions and prejudice and results in action plans for more effective relationships going forward.

Association for Teachers & Lecturers
Giving people the opportunity to do their best
"“Just a quick email to say a huge thank you for Dan (Just Associate). He was fantastic playing the role of John our member, and such a consistent professional… Initially both of my colleagues on the interview panel were not convinced that the role-play would help (mainly on the basis that we have always used application form and interview, and have not had any real issues in the past), but after 2 sessions, they are now converts.”
Lawson Armstrong, Association of Teachers and Lecturers

In the appointment of a new ATL regional officer, candidates were traditionally interviewed and given written exercises to complete. In 2014 Lawson Armstrong persuaded colleagues on the panel to bring in a Just actor/facilitator to create a ‘live’ situation for candidates to manage. Candidates who had performed less well in the interview demonstrated amazing abilities when faced with a ‘real’ person who needed some answers.

The Living & Learning Programme – Darlington Association on Disability
Establishing Boundaries
""One attendee, Frank, said it was the best training he had ever been on, and Peter said it gave him a raised sense of awareness as to how he feels in stressful situations and he would feel better about being a little more assertive in the future. Which is wonderful really". "
Beth Bowran, Darlington Association on Disability

Just DBT were asked to devise an interactive workshop in which people with a wide range of physical and mental disabilities (and their employed carers) could participate equally.

The aim being to create a safe forum for honest and open discussion focussing on the difficulty of establishing boundaries in the carer – disabled employer relationship.


The Performance Technologies department at Croda’s corporate headquarters at Cowick Hall in East Yorkshire, contacted us with a request to help design and deliver behaviour based safety programme for the staff in their laboratory departments which would change people’s minds about the importance of safety and it’s relevance to their activities..

Two years later, the first raft of 1 day workshops has been successfully rolled out – over 80% of attendees described it as ’’ the best training they had ever attended on HSE’’.