It's Just what we do...

Just Drama Based Training can help you to identify, challenge and change unacceptable behaviour in the workplace. From behavioural safety to bullying and harrassment, we can provide ongoing support to sustain positive improvement in the culture of your organisation.


Proven expertise

Drama based training is a widely used, powerful methodology for exploring difficult subjects in the workplace, without embarrassment, blame or fear.

With over 20 years experience in this field, working with market leading organisations including Centrica Energy, the NHS and Connexions, you can be assured that Just Drama Based Training will deliver a cutting edge learning experience.


Bespoke learning solutions

No two organisations are the same. All have different needs and resources that require unique thinking.

Just Drama Based Training will adapt to suit your requirements. We will listen to your needs and develop a bespoke learning solution that immediately resonates with your people, encouraging participation and opening minds to the possibility of change.

Popular techniques include:

  • Theatrical Re-enactment – What really happened, can be experienced, analysed & learnt from, in the safety of drama.
  • Forum Theatre – Learners controlling the Learning; Stop/Start commands=Empowerment & Respect
  • Auction of Behaviours – Our Beliefs and Values determine our Behaviour; How much will we pay for “Trust”?
  • Simulation Exercises – It’s simple; Forewarned is Forearmed.
  • Site Specific Learning Environments- Delivering Authentic and Relevant Experiences.
  • Skills Practice- Practise in safety – Perform better in the Real World
  • Creative Thinking Workshops - Reach your full potential by Opening your Mind.
  • Filmed Resources - to Remind, Challenge, Train or, Facilitate ongoing Interactivity.


Outstanding results

We understand the importance of being able to demonstrate return on investment.That’s why our clients come back to us time and time again.

Independent academic research proves, Just experiential drama based training, simply works.

We train over 4,000 people a year.


If you have questions…..What? When? Where? Who? How Many? How Much? We’re Just here, give us a call.